Requirements for the Minor in Biology

Students interested in the Biology Minor must complete 15-18 hours of Biology related coursework. The program must include courses from at least two different departments including Biology.  Only 4 hours of research can count towards the Biology Minor. A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required in all courses.  None of the upper level Biology courses can be used to fulfill both a Major and Minor Requirement, nor can they be used to fulfill two different Minor program's requirements. All upper level Biology courses must be taken in residence. Readings and Internship courses are not allowed in the Minor.

Required Courses:

Choose courses from 2 categories below plus an additional 7-8 hours of applicable Biology coursework. Please see the Biology Minor Checksheet for more information and a list of approved courses.

  • BCMB 3100 (Introductory Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) or BCMB 4020 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II)

  • GENE 3200 (Genetics)

  • CBIO 3400 (Cell Biology) or CBIO 3600 (Developmental Biology)

  • ECOL 3500 or ECOL 3505H (Ecology) or GENE 3000 or GENE 3080H (Evolutionary Biology) or PBIO 3650 (Plant Ecology)


If you have any additional questions or wish to speak to an academic advisor, feel free to contact us.